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Mares Ultra Adjustable 82X regulator

$799.00 incl GST
The 82X is a balanced diaphragm first-stage, which guarantees reliable, consistent, elite performance at any depth or air pressure supply.
Manufacturer: Mares
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Featuring a balanced diaphragm membrane designed to ensure advanced and reliable performance st any depth.

 For the first time a Mares second stage regulator is equipped with flow control- managing the delivery rate of gas from natural breathing to power breathing. 

This pneumatically assisted designed (P.A.D.) safe second is equipped with an adjustable breathing knob for the ultimate in breathing comfort. 

Ultra Adj features a breathing resistance control knob on the left side of the regulator. Furthermore, the compact and ergonomic exhaust tee ensures superior hydrodynamic performance and reduced exhalation resistance.