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Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask

The Essence is light and foldable with a wide field of vision. Quick-adjust buckles make this scuba mask very user-friendly- an exclusive design which blends great technology and aesthetics.
$159.00 incl GST $135.00 incl GST

Mares Viper Mask

The Viper is a revolutionary diving mask for the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen! With innovative technical features and a unique, striking design.
$129.00 incl GST $109.00 incl GST

Mares Tana Mask

The Tana dive mask is made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone with a shape that is suitable for any face. Provides an excellent field of vision with reduced eye-lens distance.
$59.95 incl GST $42.95 incl GST

Mares Star Elite Mask

The Star Elite diving mask has been created especially for spearfishing and freediving for a better field of vision paired with small volume. Featuring a silicone skirt and mirrored lenses which hide the fisherman's eyes to avoid startling fish.
$119.00 incl GST $99.00 incl GST

Mares Dual Snorkel

The Dual snorkel is made in two materials with two different softness levels to decrease vibrations and noise when moving about during the dive. Great comfort!
$34.00 incl GST $29.00 incl GST

Mares Samurai Snorkel

The Samurai Extrem snorkel is characterized by its soft tube with its shape and diameter which prevent air turbulence inside.
$39.00 incl GST $24.95 incl GST