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Mask, Snorkel Fin Packs

Save money and save time when you purchase a Mask, Snorkel, Fins and maybe  a pair of dive boots in a package.

These packs are arranged in styles to suit your every need from- tropical water snorkelling with family scuba diving adventures, to deep wreck and eXtended Range dives. 

These are your personal pieces of equipment you are selecting, remember this equipment is essential for your comfort and well being, in the water.


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TUSA Solla Pack

TUSA Open Heel Solla Dive Fins SF22, Freedom Ceos mask and Platina Hyperdry snorkel, Mares neoprene boots in an easy to tote, mesh bag.
$449.00 incl GST $375.00 incl GST

Volo Package

Save money and purchase a Mask, snorkel and fins package deal....
$478.00 incl GST $299.00 incl GST

Quattro Package

Save money and purchase a Mares Quattro, X Vision package deal
$478.00 incl GST $399.00 incl GST

Mares X-Stream Finset Package

Ultimate X-Stream package including Mares X-Vision 14 Mask, Ergo Flex Snorkel, X-Stream Fins and Classic Dive Boot NG 5mm. As an added bonus we'll also include a FREE Mesh Carry Bag
$516.00 incl GST $439.00 incl GST

Mares Power Plana Package

Combine the amazing Power Plana TEK fins with the Essence LS mask and Classic dive boot and you have a winning combination
$569.00 incl GST $475.00 incl GST

X-Ten Fin set

This is a great snorkelling kit, designed for entry level divers with, economy in mind.
$279.00 incl GST $199.00 incl GST