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New Gear

If you have invested in a new scuba gear, you should by now have come to the realization that scuba gear does not come cheap.

I have been scouring for new articles that summarise, what to do effectively after each dive, this one ticks all boxes.


If you want your Adjustable Dive Vest to last you for several scuba adventures, then a bit of care is essential.


Rinse the outside

After every dive, you should immediately rinse your ADV in fresh water. Most dive operators have got a tub where you could wash out your equipment from the salt. Slosh it around a few times to take off any salt or grit residue.


During this process, I usually also look for any leaks. Inflate your ADV and immerse it into the rinse tank.


Check if you can see any bubble escaping from the jacket. If you do then, it is time to take your buoyancy jacket for repairs. During this time also check your inflation/deflation valves to ensure that they are not being jammed by salt or grit residue. If they still feel jammed after rinsing then it is best if you take your ADV in for a service.

Rinse the inside

Rinse the inside not just the outside of your buoyancy jacket with fresh water. To rinse the inside, fill with about one third of water through the inflator hose, then inflate it the rest of the way with air.

Swish the water around the inside, then drain completely through the hose. Place the jacvket upside down and drain it out the water by opening the valves and squeezing.


Repeat this process for a couple of times to ensure that any salt residue within your jacket has been removed.



Although you would have rinsed your ADV, when placing all your gear in your equipment bag, some salt residue will inevitably be left. So when you get home, it is advisable together with your other scuba equipment, soak all your equipment for about 30 minutes in a tub big enough to put all your dive gear in.

I usually also add an antiseptic liquid to remove any salt and other organic residue.

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