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Octopus SXS

$299.95 incl GST
Ideal for divers who travel looking for lighter equipment setup
Manufacturer: Mares
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Mares SXS Octopus

Thanks to its versatility, the SXS Octopus is an excellent choice for all types of diving.

SXS stands for Second eXtra Small and emphasises the extreme lightness and compactness of this second stage model.
The SXS Octopus is incredibly compact and lightweight.
Its slim, compact design allows the octopus to fit easily into a pocket of the BCD.

Thanks to its versatility, the SXS Octopus is an excellent choice for all types of diving. In fact, with few simple operations, the user can easily change the configuration of this octopus and use it with a hose coming from the right or left side.

The Mares SXS Octopus is equipped with a curved bypass and large diameter which provides high airflow. This unique feature, combined with Mares' patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) provides divers with comfortable air flow at any depth.

Mares has also designed a new deflector to optimise the Venturi effect and reduce the risk of free-flow, ensuring smoother, more comfortable inhalation, even at depths greater than 100m.

The main features of the SXS Octopus are:

  • A Superflex hose
  • Easy-to-use, soft purge button
  • The smallest, most compact Mares octopus
  • Made of ultra-lightweight technopolymer
  • Can be used on either, right or left side configuration
  • V.A.D system with a "curved" bypass tube for maximum airflow
  • Lateral exhaust tube for better visibility in all diving positions

The SXS Octopus is the new, ultra-compact octopus from Mares and one of the most compact on the market.
A great octopus that is lightweight, versatile and offers exceptional performance.
The SXS octopus is ideal for divers who travel or for those looking for lighter equipment setup.