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International Scuba diving holidays  

International Scuba Dive Holidays and scuba diving expeditions offering international dive Holidays with Pro-Dive Central Coast and Dive Adventures whom for the past fifty years have opened up a whole new world of diving holiday possibilities.

Whether you are a business class traveller or looking for economical budget travel, Pro-Dive can offer you great local, interstate and overseas dive travel experiences, you will cherish for a lifetime.

Scuba divers will enjoy exploring the best diving sites in the world with diving trips in Australia and the South Pacific regions exploring exotic Pacific Islands, specialising in scuba diving and snorkelling holidays with Wreck diving, Muck diving, reef diving and Live aboard dive cruises.

Perhaps you want to swim with enormous humpback Whales in Tonga, maybe the equally enormous Whale Sharks in the Philippines or in Australia at Ningaloo? There are so many dive holiday choices.
Every year Pro-Dive arranges dive travel with Australia’s foremost dive travel specialist to several exotic dive locations around the world.
We have been to places like
North Sulawesi, which is part of the coral triangle known affectionately “The Critter Capital of the World” and “The Twilight Zone” where expectations of rare and unusual marine life is extremely high.
Antarctica might not be on many peoples travel list, but the animal life is extraordinary and diving is just as thrilling!

South Africa is now a “go to” destination following the Sardine Run in June or July. Here we can combine the Big Five on land- Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe and Leopard with the big five underwater- Tiger sharks, Oceanic Blacktips, Raggy Tooths and Zambesi or Bull sharks, along with the legendary Giant hammerhead sharks.

If wrecks are your ideal, then look no further than Truk Lagoon for a massive collection of sunken ships, but Bikini Atoll and Sri nLanka are now becoming more popular with easier access.
Wall diving in Palau with myriads of fish life, Coral diving in the Philippines and turtle diving in Malaysia off the island of Sipidan are special treats meanwhile, new Zealand diving is just a few hours away and you can combine snow skiing with ice diving ion lakes and fjords..

Cave diving attracts a select type of diver and Mt Gambier is famous for its massive cave systems as is Thailand and the Florida regions but Diving the Cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico is all the buzz.

For the most leisurely type of international travel diving- Liveaboards take the prize. Wake up to a glorious sunrise over the ocean, grab a coffee and go diving, have breakfast- go diving, enjoy a snack- go diving, have a break for lunch, then more diving. It doesn’t stop there because the afternoon and even diving at night is awaiting you- all from the comfort and closeness of a boat up top, waiting for you. Our regular trips to the Maldives, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Palau and the majestic Solomon Islands have awesome live aboard dive boats.

But the best part, is when you can enjoy all of our international dive holidays with friends. Our experienced tour escort guides, have visited these regions. They have previously dived the best dive sites and relaxed around resort pools enjoying a cocktail or two- They reminisce great diving adventures from the day and keep everyone informed of the next days events.

Non Divers are not left out as there are snorkelling areas, day spas, local custom villages, markets, shopping centres and various adventure sports, that can be enjoyed topside or simply grabbing a good book and laying by the resort pool, enjoying the ambience of the surrounding scenery.

Come along on one or more of PRO-DIVES INTERNATIONAL DIVING HOLIDAYS there’s no better way to enjoy local, interstate and internal dive travel, Scuba diving holidays.


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Mexico Getaway 2020 - Dive the Cenotes and Cozumel

The Yucatan Peninsula attracts more visitors than any other part of Mexico due to it's exciting mix of ancient Maya culture and ruins, beautiful beaches, its range of adventure activities and wide choice of accommodation options.
$5,795.00 incl GST

Truk Lagoon 2020

Visit the ghost fleet and Dive the wrecks of Truk Lagoon.
$3,495.00 incl GST