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Sniper Bandit Spearo Package

Old price: $738.00 incl GST
$589.00 incl GST
A complete speargun package including all the equipment you need to get out there and amongst the big ones.
Manufacturer: Mares
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Available Options


Mares Bandit 95cm Gun

A fantastic alloy speargun with features that are usually found on top level guns.

Mares Sniper 5mm camo wetsuit

5mm neoprene suit with special outer camouflage covering that scrambles the image.
Softest available Neoprene
Provides excellent comfort and heat retention.
Reinforced chest pad in Melcotape. 

Camo Socks

Socks in 3mm neoprene, smooth outside, lined inside, sole and heel with reinforced lining. 
Preformed cut for maximum comfort and heat retention.

Tana Spearo Mask

The best diving mask made even better
Field of vision increased by an astounding 20%
New anatomical skirt provides superior fit and seal

Dual Snorkel

Less interruptions on the airflow.

Mares Concorde Fins

The tapered-section blade and micro-ribs, paired with a new technopolymer
Helps to achieve optimal results in both power and thrust modularity, optimizing performance.


Free Mesh storage bag