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Scuba Packages

All your scuba needs bundled into affordable packages

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Mares Prime Package

Prime is ideal for people who want to get started with their diving adventure. Economical and great value.
$1,844.95 incl GST $1,299.00 incl GST

MARES CR25X twin setup -

All the gear to plan and execute tek-reational dives, in a complete setup.
$4,102.00 incl GST $3,165.00 incl GST

Mares CR 25X package.

The CR Second Stage regulator is a high performance tec regulator, which has been specifically designed for cave and technical wreck divers.
$2,355.00 incl GST $1,899.00 incl GST

Head to Toe Scuba Package

Kit yourself up in an economical Head to toe package and save money.
$2,781.90 incl GST $1,848.00 incl GST

Mares Abyss package

The Mares Abyss 52x Regulator combined with the Bolt BCD- you get a superbly comfortable and streamlined package. Great for travel, it can also support single or double tanks.
$1,917.00 incl GST $1,629.00 incl GST

Mares Bolt SLS, Abyss scuba pack

Superbly comfortable and stable yet tough and durable Bolt SLS BC with the new Abyss 52X regulator and alternate air source.
$1,917.00 incl GST $1,629.00 incl GST