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Sea&Sea DX-6G Compact Camera and Strobe Set

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The DX-6G Camera & Housing Set from Sea & Sea is designed for adventure, both underwater and on dry land.
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SEA and SEA DX-6G Camera, Housing and Strobe sytem

The Sea & Sea DX-6G is an all-weather, rugged and reliable sports camera for all adventurers. 

Designed for adventure, both underwater and on dry land, the DX-6G Camera & Housing Set from Sea & Sea combines a capable, 15m depth-rated camera with a 60m housing coupled with a 75m rated Sea & Sea YS-03 strobe along with a flex arm, tray and fibre optic cable. 

The camera is packed with lots of great features including a dedicated underwater and macro mode plus the new Underwater Mode, where white balance is optimised for underwater photos- this feature delivers more natural looking images by adding reds, that otherwise tend to get lost.

 Being a very versatile camera, with a wide-angle to telephoto focal length range with a macro mode that can focus as close as 1 cm- Enables you to bring the lens as close as 1 cm to the subject without a close-up lens, enabling an enlarged picture of small objects. The macro ring diffuser evenly lights the whole frame for close-up work as standard.

The 60m rated housing offers two fibre optic ports for connecting the strobe. 

The DX-6G is equipped with a 2.7" 230k-dot LCD monitor, which uses an Outdoor View Setting mode for improved visibility in bright lighting conditions.

5x zoom lens from wide-angle 28mm reproducing high-definition and crystal-clear images. 

CMOS with 16 megapixels together with high-performance image engine to produce low-noise and wide dynamic range images.

If you are just starting underwater photography or want to improve your photographic results, this is the camera system for you!