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SOLA Tech 600

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Sola Tech 600 is the perfect light for a diver serious, about their illumination.
Manufacturer: SOLA


Cut the cord with the Sola Tech 600.

Compact, rechargeable, and powerful, Sola Tech 600 is the perfect light for a diver serious about their illumination, featuring a long-burning 600 lumen 8 degree spot beam.

No more bulky canisters or snagging cables; the Tech 600 is a self-contained tight-beam light with up to 13 hours of burn time.

Use it as a powerful backup or compact primary on dives where a narrow beam and long life are non-negotiable.



600 lumen spot output certified to the FL-1 Standard
Depth Rated to 100 metres
A powerful LED array using the best CREE LEDs and enhanced firmware.
Coloured battery and mode indicator lights make it easy to manage battery life to maximise use.
Standard ballistic cordura hand mount allows hands-free use.
Goodman Handle adapter available.
Clip to BCD with included D-Ring kit instead of hand strap.

Additional mounts available, including Pistol Grip, T-Handle, and Kirby Morgan helmet mount.


Hand Strap,
D-ring Kit,
2 Amp Charger
Zippered Bag


LUMENS: 8° SPOT Beam angle
High – 600
Med – 300
Low – 150

High – 180 mins
Med – 360 mins
Low – 720 mins

2.5 hrs