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Makes torches and dive lights

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SOLA Dive 1200 SF

The Sola Dive 1200 SF is flexible and powerful enough to serve as a video light, yet compact enough to dive with its included hand strap
$539.00 incl GST $499.00 incl GST

SOLA Video 2000 SF

Offering premier performance and proven reliability in a compact, travel-friendly design
$669.00 incl GST $612.00 incl GST

SOLA Video Pro 9600

Serious photographers look for the ultimate imaging solution and the Sola Video Pro 9600 is the ultimate imaging light!
$2,260.00 incl GST $1,969.00 incl GST

SOLA Video Pro LE

The most feature rich compact video, that L&M have ever designed.
$1,185.00 incl GST $1,095.00 incl GST

Action camera tray

The Ultimate Camera & Light Tray from Light and Motion
$198.00 incl GST $178.00 incl GST

SOLA Dive 1200 SF Combo -

Perfect match up for any dive conditions
$699.00 incl GST $615.00 incl GST