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Selective Fishing

$399.00 incl GST
Spearfishing is being practised all over the world and considered as the single, most sustainable method of catching fish on the planet.
Manufacturer: SSI

Your first program in becoming a proficient spearo! 

Spear fishing is target selective, more sustainable than fishing with a rod and reel and not indiscriminate like other methods of catching fish.

This spearfishing course covers selecting:

Spearguns and slings
Appropriate equipment for yourself
along with the “must have” accessories

You will learn about:

Safety whilst spearfishing
Care and maintenance
Planning your spearfishing adventures
Target selection, shooting and humanely dispatching the fish

During a workshop session, you will learn how to:

Make your own personal strength power bands. 
Speargun maintenance 
Shaft maintenance 
Proper Weighting with a wetsuit.
Proper fish identification.