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The BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), helps provide a scuba diver with the ability to control buoyancy during the dive.  Having the right BCD for your needs will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed in the water whilst diving, making your dive more enjoyable and fun.  Mares also manufactures a specific range of womens BCD's with additional padding and adjustment straps in different places.  A BCD is an important part of your scuba diving equipment and life under water would be very dificult without one.

At Pro Dive Central Coast we can help you choose the correct BCD for your budget and your level of diving.  With a range of styles and price points we can assist you finding the perfect Mares BCD to suit you.  If you cant get in to the shop to try one one, no problem, just call one of our friendly staff and we can measure you up over the phone for the right one.

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Mares Bolt SLS BCD

The Bolt BCD is superbly comfortable and streamlined. Great for travel, it can also support single or double tanks.
$759.00 incl GST $645.00 incl GST

Mares Dragon SLS BCD

All of the main characteristics of the Dragon have been developed for even greater comfort and stability combined with excellent fit and performance .
$899.00 incl GST $764.00 incl GST

Mares Pure SLS BCD

The streamlined Pure BCD offers swivel shoulder buckles, smart trim weight positioning and maximum adjustability. A great BC!
$659.00 incl GST $559,000.00 incl GST

Mares Quantum SLS BCD

The Quantum offers all the performance of a luxury BCD, no compromises! A new BCD boasting exceptional sturdiness and stability, and introducing many innovative design ideas.
$799.00 incl GST $679.00 incl GST

Mares MRS Plus Weight Pocket

A zippered weight pocket with Velcro interior and a weight capacity of 6kg or 4kg.
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Mares Slide and Lock System

The SLS system offers audio and visual feedback of correct weight insertion on your BCD for ease of use and greater security.
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Prime BC

Ideal for those who want to get started with their diving adventure
$459.00 incl GST $349.00 incl GST

Magellan Travel BC

The new Magellan BC offers all the features you are looking for in an excellent “travel bc”, paired with cutting-edge technological solutions.
$549.00 incl GST $499.00 incl GST

Pure Light BC complete

The fully modular trim style makes the Mares XR Pure Light Sidemount Bladder best suited for use in caves, open water and/or wreck diving situations, in both warm and colder waters.
$799.00 incl GST $0.00 incl GST