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The Adelaide has gone from strength to strength

The Adelaide has gone from strength to strength again this week.

More fishlife is starting to inhabit the wreck especially the inner areas. During a dive on Tuesday afternoon I surprised a long finned or Blue Morwong as it was nestling down for a nap in the Junior Sailors mess. The fish made a hasty retreat for the deck below and hid behind some machinery.

I also found another octopus, this one is much larger than the one found, near the intake vent on deck two. Wednesday saw us all swim over the side onto the sand where I found a huge Shovel Nosed shark half buried in the sand- It too didn't like the look of me and took off at a great rate of knots.

We had more overseas guests come along with us- they absolutely loved the wreck and the marine life.


Small Sargeant Baker on the Adelaid


One thing has been puzzling me and I think I have the answer now!

The main mast has been alive with fishlife, small Yakkas, Sea Pike, small Bream, colourful tropicals and Leather jackets- All the fish are too small for line fishos and I have noted sometimes, the mast early in the morning is quite lonely, whilst the inner sections are swarming with juvenile fish. 


Dolphins are seen swimming away from the wreck when I arrive early in the morning!



I think the dolphins are feeding on the juveniles and the juveniles are hiding inside the ship for safety- This can only mean the artificial reef is doing what it was intended to do and create a habitat.


I will keep monitoring the fish life and see for myself what is happening.


The hull is now almost completely covered in barnacles at the bow down to 33 metres. There are thousands of barnacles waving their tiny legs at the divers almost beckoning them to come explore the rest of the ship. 


Our overseas visiting divers are amazed at our wreck and are so jealous at the close proximity to the boat ramp. One diver from England last week told me, he travels for nearly an hour by boat to get to a site that is very good, but the penetration opportunities are nowhere near the Adelaide.


So far this week, we have certified divers for Enriched Air. Dave, Ben and Carrissa dived the wreck for longer bottom times and I asked the Rescue course to implement an Assessment plan for the Adelaide.


Still a lot more diving to be done and today I have found another tour you can follow me on.




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