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To blog or log?

The simple fact is-we can't be underwater all the time, I know that! 


Sometimes we need to do totally irrelevant actions like eating, sleeping, working, spending time with family, for me its filling tanks, cleaning boats etc. To rest my mind, one of the hobbies I enjoy most when I get the time, is to blog my dives- Yes, I said blogging and not logging. 


We all log our dives, but since the great invasion of the internet into our lives, I am seeing so many more divers using different medias to share their dives in a more interactive way.

Where before we would sit around the table at the back of the Dive shop writing up our logs, now a days we just blog about our dives on the internet.

I often use Facebook to entice people to blog their experiences. You can download software to blog with or do as I do, open a Google blog spot account.


Some blogs I keep private, others I share- 


You too, can create blogs, add a few photos, customise text and before your very eyes, a brief description of your experiences underwater appears before you. You  can then publish your dive info into your blog and instead of closing the book, you invite other divers to comment and add their opinions into your "Online Dive blog".


Strange you might think?  Not so strange if you understand the advantages of the internet. 

An old paper dive log book was a confidential piece of your life. You never shared your logbook!


I often have to prise divers fingers off  Logbooks, especially those divers who requested to join us on a Dive master program, because at the end of the day, this is your personal thoughts being exposed to the world,.


The real truth is- no one really cares to read it! Especially if you have taken time to add boring technical info like gas mixes, dive percentage program data, camera colour temp settings. This info never invites feedback.


Only divers understand when a diver recants the freedom, the excitement and the joy of a perfect dive. Only divers understand the feeling of pressure waves on your body during a drift dive.

Only divers appreciate the effort you took to take the perfect photo of that tiny shrimp in thre anenome.

Only divers understand the feeling of weightlessness you access when going underwater.


I am not a fan of heights- Going onto the roof to check the solar is a big deal for me, but I will happily drift along a drop off 1000 metres deep, this can easily allow ypou to share with people your inner self or demons, whichever sets you off!.


Divers also take their sport to extremes sometimes. 


Only this week Darren W. took the bold step to propose to Samantha underwater in Manly Shark tank.

Non divers would think it crazy, to be underwater in the first place- The nay sayers would reckon it would be safer diving than getting married in the first place. 

All I can say is congratulations to you both and lets hope they have a great life together. 

Sharks are the least of your problems......


In my personal view, I am still in the process of understanding why blogging is such an addiction for some and a chore for others. 

I guess it is like diving: it is not so much about the diving, it is about being able to share with the world, the amazing feeling you get everytime you touch the water.


I guess this where a dive computor like the New Mares Icon HD comes into play- The ICON HD allows you to upload photos, write short notes.


When someone invents a waterproof PDA this is when I will enjoy deco stops until then, I will happily while away a few moments of "ME time" and write my blog happy in the knowledge when old age sets in and I can't remember what I had for lunch- I can then recall the fun I used to have diving.


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