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Trilastic 8.6.5 Dive Suit System

Trilastic 8.6.5 Dive Suit System

In 2006 a multifunctional dive suit system with differentiated thicknesses and comfortable ultra-stretch neoprene successfully gained acceptance. The new model in 8, 6, and 5 mm neoprene was conceived especially for colder waters - completed by intelligent features which make diving even more pleasant.

A combination like this never existed before: a diving suit combining three different thicknesses and types of neoprene in one suit!  For the diver this means unprecedented freedom of movement and thermal insulation. 

Starting in 2007 there was be a worldwide novelty for all Trilastic models: the so-called “Tricore Technology“. This is a sandwich layer system consisting of extremely insulating 8 mm neoprene with “Sapphfire Plush“ lining in the center of the chest area. The Tricore technology provides the diver with considerably greater freedom of movement because the neoprene layers can move independently from each other. This creates a positive effect on breathing and all movements of the torso. 

In spite of the depth-related compression of the material, maximum thermal insulation is ensured. There is also a new neck closure giving divers the ability to easily customize how tight they want the neck. Wherever maximum freedom of movement is most desirable, the new Trilastic 8.6.5 features the super-flexible 6 mm ultra-stretch neoprene, facilitating not only donning and doffing of the suit, but also all motions while diving. 

The wrist, ankle and neck seals are made of 5 mm neoprene with perfectly sealing Sapphfire Skin lining, which makes donning the suit a new experience. Bothersome zippers are history! 

The protective coating in the knee and shoulder areas, which are most subject to wear and tear, was designed to ensure maximum elasticity and unrestricted freedom of movement. To be worn under the suit in colder waters there is a Trilastic vest with attached hood, featuring an intelligent mix of materials, too: 5 mm “low-compression“ neoprene at the head for maximum insulation and 3 mm “super-elastic“ neoprene for neck and body. For those who dive only in warmer waters the separate hood may be sufficient - which, of course, is made of different materials, too. 

In the end you decide about the composition of your personal Trilastic 8.6.5! For all parts of the system can be combined with each other and are available separately and in different sizes.

As can be expected of a stylish Italian designer collection, all parts of the Trilastic system (overall, hood, vest with attached hood, gloves and booties) come in perfectly matching colors. For mermaids Trilastic 8.6.5is of course available in the attractive SheDives design. Also matching - for her and him - there is the practical Lycra Wetwear from the “Rash Guard Trilastic” line.

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