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Ultra Blue Package

Old price: $2,126.00 incl GST
$1,799.00 incl GST
A complete strictly limited edition 'Blue Battle' camouflage design, tec/rec diving set, including everything you need to enter the world of XR.
Manufacturer: Mares
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Be the envy of your diver friends with this strictly limited edition scuba package  

BLUE BATTLE Single Backmount set

Grab one of these limited edition, blue camo designed backmount units.
A complete, limited edition with a 16 litre donut and all weebing ready to dive

Mares Ultra 72X - the powerhouse of regulators

Brand new on the market and at a great price so, whether you are just starting out with only a couple of dives under your belt or you have been diving for ever, this regulator will be a great choice.

The big block of a first stage that has eight Low Pressure Ports, double that of other scuba regulator first stage.

What this means is greater hose routing options top increase your ease of reach and comfort.

Ultra Octopus 

The perfect companion to the Ultra regulator second stage- 
The pivoting purge button is large and easy to use whilst the VAD mechanism, ensures this octopus secon  stage, can deliver plenty of gas even in an emergency.

Mission 1 SPG 

Fitted into an anti-shock case with a precise pressure gauge featuring an easy-to-read display.
Includes multiple attachment loops for perfect console positioning.