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Viper Pro Pack

$1,485.00 incl GST
Drop in and see how Pro-Dive makes it easy for you to get your spearfishing gear needs sorted, with great spearfishing packages that are conveniently bundled with everything you need, from head to toe!
Manufacturers: Cressi , Mares

Viper Pro Head to Toe Package.

We understand that selecting each individual item can be overwhelming, that’s why Pro-Dive carry trusted brands, including Mares and Cressi. 

Our inhouse spearfishing instructors have over fifty years of spearfishing experience, who have carefully selected these spearfishing packs, that ensure you have everything you need to enjoy a great sport that is safe, fun and hopefully combines, a successful spearfishing journey.
Each pack is designed for spearfishers who are looking for high quality equipment.

Chjeck out this awesome package.

The Cressi Tokugawa Pro 3.5mm
Open cell two piece wetsuit manufactured with flexible, comfortable, soft open cell 3.5 mm thick neoprene.

Viper Pro DS 100 Rail Speargun
Highly technical sling gun, ideal for catching large fish.

Spiro 87 reel 
Holds your excess shooting line, made for the Viper/Viper Pro, Cyrano Evo/Cyrano Evo HF spearguns.

Apnea Smart computer
Represents the evolution of the Nemo Apneist, becoming the benchmark dive computer for the most demanding spearfishermen and freedivers. 

Tana Spearo Mask 
Made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone with a shape that is suitable for any face. Provides an excellent field of vision with reduced eye-lens distance

Razor Pro Fins  
Made from the best technopolymers, meaning excellent agility and elastic performance

Camo Socks

Dual Snorkel 
Made in two materials with two different softness levels to decrease vibrations and noise when moving about during the dive. Great comfort!

Torpedo Float

Hero knife 

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