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Waterproof are a company that manufactures quality Drysuits, Wetsuits and accessories based in Sweden.

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Drysuit- D10 PRO ISS 3.5mm

Loaded with features this suit brings it all.
$2,989.00 incl GST $2,659.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D1X Hybrid

The D1X Drysuit is the new generation amazing suits based on the famous D1 Hybrid Waterproof developed, patented and released a couple of years ago.
$4,399.00 incl GST $3,995.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D7X Nylotech

Since it’s introduction the Waterproof D7 has been the prime choice of drysuit wearers within, the advanced diving community,
$4,099.00 incl GST $3,699.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D9X Breathable

The new D9X Breathable Drysuit is Waterproofs answer to the growing demand for a light traveler, tropical and snorkelling drysuit
$2,995.00 incl GST $2,675.00 incl GST

Drysuit- EX2 MAN Blue

The EX2 has its origin in our military line of breathable drysuits made for the Special Forces where movability, breathability and low weight is essential. The EX2 delivers that to the MAX!
$3,399.00 incl GST $2,999.00 incl GST


Heavier and warmer than Lycra, softer and more flexible than a wetsuit!
$245.00 incl GST $219.00 incl GST

Waterproof SILICONE Neck seal

The Silicone Seal will set a new industry standard, with Waterproofs new Silicone Seal there is no chemical or environmental sensitivity and they have 40% better stretch than latex seals.
$68.00 incl GST $61.95 incl GST

Waterproof Wrist Seals

Our Waterproof Drysuit Wrist Seal Kit are compatible with most drysuits- This now gives you the opportunity to upgrade your old latex seals to ensure a drier, more comfortable dive experience.
$73.00 incl GST $68.00 incl GST