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Waterproof are a company that manufactures quality Drysuits, Wetsuits and accessories based in Sweden.

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Drysuit- D10 PRO ISS 3.5mm

Loaded with features this suit brings it all.
$3,099.00 incl GST $2,999.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D1X Hybrid

The D1X Drysuit is the new generation amazing suits based on the famous D1 Hybrid Waterproof developed, patented and released a couple of years ago.
$4,799.00 incl GST

Drysuit- EX2 MAN Blue

Waterproof EX2 is a breathable drysuits made for the Special Forces where movability, breathability and low weight is essential.
$3,379.00 incl GST


Heavier and warmer than Lycra, softer and more flexible than a wetsuit!
$299.00 incl GST

Waterproof SILICONE Neck seal

The Silicone Seal will set a new industry standard, with Waterproofs new Silicone Seal there is no chemical or environmental sensitivity and they have 40% better stretch than latex seals.
$90.00 incl GST

Waterproof Wrist Seals

Our Waterproof Drysuit Wrist Seal Kit are compatible with most drysuits- This now gives you the opportunity to upgrade your old latex seals to ensure a drier, more comfortable dive experience.
$94.00 incl GST