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Welcome to Pro Dive Central Coast

The premier diver training facility on the NSW coast where you can train to become a scuba diver, Master Diver, Dive Guide, Dive Master or Instructor. Full time, part time all with onsite accommodation, hosting two full time Instructor Trainers, on staff. 

You are welcome to visit our PRO centre where you will find knowledgeable staff, who are willing to take time to find you a mask, snorkel or piece of scuba gear that is best for you.  We regularly test our supply of pure breathing air and offer you a complete range of quality Mares rental equipment with Enriched Air filling along with a full scuba and dive cylinder service facility. 

 Pro-Dive wants you to be treated as a valuable customer, that is what they do, along with making great divers, that are looking to have fun, underwater.

Chances are you became a diver because you want to go underwater and have an amazing experience that so few other people can- Every year Pro-Dive hosts a Master Diver Challenge, where you can complete any of our 29 different recreational diver specialty courses, along with eXtended Range courses!  Specialty diver programs range from Night, Deep or wreck to enriched Air, DPV plus stress and Rescue courses. 

Pro-Dive schedule international dive trips, along with FNQ Barrier Reef tours and local weekend getaways. 

 Another side of diving is caring for the underwater environment, we actively encourage divers to join us in underwater clean up dives, each month. Call us on +61 2 4389 3483 to enquire and “Let’s go Diving!