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What to do with the plastic box my mask came in?

It's almost too good to throw away, that neat little mask box that will probably never contain a mask again!

Murphy's Law dictates that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.  This will normally be in the form of a blown o-ring, or a broken fin strap as you are getting ready to start your dive.  Use that little box as a handy divers spares kit.

You don’t want to go over the top, simply pack a few of the essentials like:

  • A spare dive computer
  • Mask strap 
  • Fin strap
  • Yoke/DIN adaptor
  • Spare DIN insert and Allen key
  • Mouthpiece and cable ties 
  • Multi Tool and small pliers.
  • O'ring kit with O'ring pick.

My main rule is, if it doesn’t fit, I probably don’t need it.

 Reuse your empty mask box

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