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Wreck Dive - Speedwell

$60.00 incl GST
The Speedwell lies at a depth range of 8 to 14 metres, an easy dive when conditions allow.
Manufacturer: Pro Dive Central Coast

Another vessel, one of the many victims of the notorious “Bully Nugget Reef” commonly called Bull reef. The Speedwell came under the shelter of Norah Head during a storm on the 14th of April 1884 and struck the Bull reef, mortally wounding the ship. She soon took water and sank very quickly, the wind and ocean swells did the rest, scattering the wreckage over a wide area in fairly shallow water.
The ships’ Admiralty pattern anchor can still be found quite easily, wedged under several large rocks and what are left of the hull plates can be found nearby.

Very easy dive, when the conditions allow- Fish prefer to shelter on this side of the reef in a large overhang.
There is quite a bit of wreckage strewn about and a diver recently found a gold ring wedged in a tiny crevice. Lost from the wreck? Maybe not, more than likely an unlucky fisherman or diver who recently lost their wedding ring.

Depth ranges 8 to 14 metres