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Wreck Dive - SS Galava

$70.00 incl GST
Lying 3 nautical miles off Terrigal, the Galava is an impressive dive. Due to the depth at 51 metres this dive is suitable for experienced divers only.
Manufacturer: Pro Dive Central Coast

The "Galava" was a small collier "60 Miler" that plied its trade between Sydney and Catherine Hill bay on a fairly regular schedule. On the 9th of February 1927 the vessel left Catho wharf heading south, when the crew noticed water leaking into the forward holds. The water came in so quickly, the crew didn't even have time to really save the vessel. With seven casualties the Galava was a tragic incident only three nautical miles offshore of Terrigal.

Swimming down the anchor line you will come across a huge winch, that sits in front of the scotch boiler near the steam compound engine. There is a lot of wreckage to see and the depth does hinder your exploration. The wreck is sometimes difficult to find, as the fishlife often hides the ship- This is a great fishing possie, as every time I dive the site, I retrieve heaps of fishing lead and lures.

Depth is 50+ metres and suitable for experienced divers only.