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XR Foundations

In technical training, the most common reason for divers having an incident is lack of watermanship skills. The thin edge of safety becomes thinner, the deeper or longer a diver stays underwater. Add in cold, lack of light and water movement, the recipe for disaster has begun-

A simple task whereby a diver cannot perform the required skill, such as removing and swapping a mask over with a broken strap, can be deadly. Same thing applies when you hand over your stage cylinder to a diver in need, then swap back replacing the stage, all whilst maintaining neutral buoyancy, during a mandatory decompression stop.

During the XR Foundations program, these tasks and others will become skills that should be mastered and further task loading skills will be applied that must be completed within a set time frame. Take special notice of the phrase "time frame" You will train extensively to remain in a set position, within a set distance of a line and/or stay horizontal about 30 cms above the pool floor or the same distance from the pool surface.

The XR Foundations purpose, is to train you to control your breathing, take your now obvious diving skills to a higher level, then increase your mental state and maturity as a diver. The skill learning procedure, will increase your stress levels to a greater level than you have experienced before. You will be struggling with new equipment and new skills, all under more challenging conditions.

As your Instructor, I will give you the benefit of fifty years worth of diving experiences and training. You will be given plenty of opportunity to learn the skills. As I wrote earlier- in technical diving the margin for error is very slim, there is no difference in tec-reational diving- You should always be aware of failure- Keep this in mind- you might fail- In technical diver training you may find yourself “flunked out” and sent home. Unlike open-water training, where millions of people with somewhat questionable ability, can be certified. You will be required to complete the skills to a level that shows me, you can dive safely and competently.

Once all these skills have been mastered, you then need to keep diving, learning, training. Not diving or practicing the skills will result in your skill sets lost. Finally just so we are on the same page- If you do not complete the skills and fail- Do not expect a refund! Paying for your tuition does not and in all honesty should not, guarantee you passing a course, nor gaining certification!

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