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eXtended Range Instructor

$595.00 incl GST
Turn your passion into a career- stop waiting, start living your dream and become part of an exclusive group of underwater explorers that most people only dream about. Become an Extended Range Instructor.
Manufacturer: SSI

eXtended Range Instructor Course 

The aim of the SSI Extended Range instructor course is to provide you with the training, skills  and knowledge necessary, to teach extended range divers, how to plan and conduct tek-reational dives to a depth of 45 metres, include gas switches and multiple-stop decompression dives safely.

Within the scope under the guidance of an Extended Range Instructor Trainer for any eXtended Range course- you be able to teach divers how to plan using higher gas mixes to accelerate their decompression obligations, swim correctly, attain neutral buoyancy and monitor gas usage.

The philosophy of this course also teaches divers the importance of using specialised diving equipment and procedure to allow them safe access to often "off limits areas" for recreational divers.

As part of the Extended Range Instructor course you will also learn how to teach students- how to dive with an equally-qualified dive buddy working together as a team, even though they may, be using different configurations of diving equipment.

Each eXtended Range Instructor course, relates to its own specific purpose. Call ProDive today for course prices. Why not put all three courses together and get a bundle deal!

Dates are flexible and course are arranged to meet individual timetables.

Extended Range Instructor programs offered:

Extended Range Foundations

Extended Range Nitrox

Extended Range Wreck

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