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When you are looking for dive travel advice, you need to talk to someone who knows . . .  
Bob Diaz, our own travel expert has travelled to the far corners of the world, seeking out some of the best diving destinations the world has to offer.

Call Bob now for the lowdown on Adventure Dive Travel and he can give you a solid insight into

  • When is the best diving season?
  • What dates to avoid religious or public holidays,
  • Why you should avoid a particular area, at a certain time of the year!

Dive operators do change, more hotels get built, even the reefs you dive on, can change through natural or human development.  We travel to the top tourist dive spots, as well as the far out of the way sites, that may just tickle your fancy.

When you come along on our getaways, you get to experience the best of the underwater world, you can be assured of quality accomodation, awesome diving and fast economical travel arrangements.    

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information or feel free to call us.

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Beqa Lagoon Getaway (September 2018)

Experience the traditional Melanesian way of life, in a natural, unspoiled environment, untouched by mass tourism or modern developments. Beqa Island will give you a a greater sense of true Fijian hospitality, genuine Fijian warmth and local, rural village life.
$4,295.00 incl GST
$3,395.00 incl GST

Raja Ampat (September 2017)

Located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea. Raja Ampat is an archipelago, comprising of over 1,500 small isles, cays and shoals. It is a part of the newly named "West Papua Province of Indonesia" which was formerly known as "Irian Jaya".
$4,999.00 incl GST
$5,699.00 incl GST

Uepi- Solomon Islands Getaway (July 2018)

A classic raised barrier reef island, covered in impressive rainforest, outlined by fringing reef and sandy beach; flanked by the warm lagoon waters on one side, and the oceanic depths (6000ft/2000m) of "The Slot", a deep marine abyss, on the other. Uepi Island is approximately 2.5 km long and 300 metres wide, and the whole area, aside from the resort's cultivated tropical gardens, is covered with tropical rainforest interspersed with walking tracks
$3,936.00 incl GST