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New website is up and ready for action!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Everything changes and you have to move forward-

This was the challenge I gave Paul, our new instructor and IT expert. I asked for better exposure, easier navigation, responsiveness and a quick to load site, with more engagement areas where you the member, could communicate your needs and wants plus an easy to check out, eCommerce area.

Alongside some of the products are interesting articles, you can also join the community on our forum that i will introduce shortly- Many people tell us they like the way our team of Instructors interact with them, so you will be able to rate courses, boat dive sites, shore and night dives. Whilst you are looking over the new site, check out my blog and find out a bit more about the ex-HMAS Adelaide.

I have included info on travel destinations andwill upload more video and photos as they comes to hand.

As you peruse the site- You will find there is an area set aside, with access to club members only! Here you will find exclusive items, first advance offers and club member discounts, not available elsewhere. 

As a little bonus- Check out the new site and find the little dive tank icon       
Be the first and you could win a double boat dive!

There are five in total and the first person to send a comment online will win.
I will remove the found icons as they are won... Limit one per member-

To claim:
Find the dive tank icon then come back here, leave a comment, tell me where you have found the icon-
First in best dressed.

Another bonus:
Sign up for FREE "Explorers" Dive Club membership valued at $100 per annum.
Free until the 30th of August, 2017.


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2/08/2017 2:57 PM


2/08/2017 6:42 PM
Great new website Bob!

Great website Bob! I checked out every little square of it and found 5 of them on this news article page! Am i right?

3/08/2017 12:23 PM
I found one!

I found a dive tank icon at the bottom of the Boat Licence Course page!