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Mares Carbon 52X Regulator

100% Carbon Technology has been used for the Carbon 52X scuba regulator which offers extreme performance at any depth!
$899.00 incl GST
$764.00 incl GST

Mares CR Full Tec Set

The CR Second Stage regulator is a high performance tec regulator which has been specifically designed for cave dives. Can be opened underwater for cleaning and easily reconstructed.
$1,199.00 incl GST
$999.00 incl GST

Mares DR Full Tec Set

Compact and rugged, the DR Deep Reg Second Stage is strong and resistant - ideal for scootering, deep, cold and wreck diving!
$1,499.00 incl GST
$1,275.00 incl GST

Mares Fusion 52X Regulator

The benchmark in high-performance scuba regulators, the Fusion 52X marks a radical departure from existing models! Incredible air flow with Twin Power control, optimized performance, durability and award-winning design!
$959.00 incl GST
$815.00 incl GST

Mares Prestige 15X Regulator

Compact Reliable Performance plus Featuring the DFC system, it meets all divers demands at any depth.  The new valve guarantees longevity and advanced performance. A medium-size second stage is made of ultralight techno-polymer.  The large purge button is effortless to use while wearing gloves. The VAD system delivers excellent and natural breathing at any depth and the superflex hose is light and flexible for maximum comfort.
$649.00 incl GST
$599.00 incl GST

Mares Regulator- Rover 15X

Abrasion resistant and affordable, ideal for diving in warm and moderate water temperatures. Mesh Grid uses a patented design which reduces the impact of water flow onto the second stage diaphragm, thus eliminating free flows even in strong currents.
$550.00 incl GST
$469.00 incl GST

Mares Rover 2S Regulator

The ideal dive regulator for dive center rental, the Rover 2S is easy to maintain, with a sandblasted finish to increase scratch resistance. Reliable, lightweight and simple!
$399.00 incl GST

Mares Epic 82X regulator

EPIC 82X is the new top of the line breathing system combing traditional advantages with the latest generation of technological innovations.
$1,299.00 incl GST
$1,099.00 incl GST