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Mares CR Full Tec Set

The CR Second Stage regulator is a high performance tec regulator which has been specifically designed for cave dives. Can be opened underwater for cleaning and easily reconstructed.
$1,299.00 incl GST
$1,104.15 incl GST

Mares DR Full Tec Set

Compact and rugged, the DR Deep Reg Second Stage is strong and resistant - ideal for scootering, deep, cold and wreck diving!
$1,699.00 incl GST
$1,444.15 incl GST

Mares R2S-VR Regulator

The first vertical second stage ever, combined with the extremely reliable R2S first stage. It is comfortable and easy to handle- perfect for the travel stage and decompression stage of your dives as well as for buddy breathing.
$459.00 incl GST
$390.00 incl GST

Mares 25XR First Stage Regulator

The 25XR first stage is extremely reliable and environmentally sealed- great for keeping out water. With an interchangeable port design to offer perfect SPG instrument positioning.
$429.00 incl GST
$369.65 incl GST

MARES CR25X twin setup -

All the gear to plan and execute tek-reational dives in a complete setup.
$4,102.00 incl GST
$3,189.00 incl GST