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About SSI

For more than 45 years, Scuba Schools International (SSI) has provided training, scuba diving certification, and educational resources for divers, dive instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world. Started in 1970, SSI has expanded to include more than 30 Service Centers, is represented in more than 110 countries with over 2,800 International locations, and has materials printed in more than 30 languages. SSI is the name to trust in the diving world, and we attribute that success to our uncompromising standards and focused methodology.


International Recognition

Since June 1, 2010, Scuba Schools International is one of the few training agencies who qualified for a Global ISO Certification. 7 SSI Programs, 5 for divers and 2 for instructors, have certifications that meet the International Standards – ISO 11121 for Try Scuba Diving, ISO 24801-1 to -3 for Scuba Diver to Dive Guide, ISO 11107 for Enriched Air Nitrox and 24802-1 and -2 for Dive Control Specialist and Open Water Instructor.  Due to that the SSI C-Cards for the appropriate ratings will carry the ISO quality label in the future.


The SSI Global Network

SSI International: International Headquarters is where the important standardization of SSI diving certification and education happens.  This is where SSI Training Standards are written, and where the skills and techniques for SSI programs are created.  This is also where we produce educational materials and, with the help of our Service Centers, translate them into many languages.

SSI Service Centers: SSI's Service Centers oversee and service the SSI Dive Centers, Dive Resorts and Dive Professionals of the assigned area.

SSI Dive Centers and Dive Resorts: This is an extensive network of professional businesses that operate as scuba diving or freediving schools for diver and dive professional training, and provide a variety of diving destinations for their customers. Visit one today to start or continue your underwater adventure!

SSI has over 2,500 authorised dealers, 35 regional centres, and offices all over the world.  

We at Pro Dive Central Coast are proud to be a part of the SSI family and offer a full range of diving courses from Open Water "Learn to dive" all the way to Scuba Instructor and beyond.

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XR - Extended Range Foundations

The intent of the SSI Extended Range Foundations program is to provide divers with a workshop environment, to improve their skills to a high level using Extended Range Total Diving Systems and procedures.
$495.00 incl GST
$375.00 incl GST

XR - Technical Wreck Diving

This program allows unlimited decompression wreck penetration to a maximum depth of 60 meters (during training).
$495.00 incl GST
$395.00 incl GST

Specialty - Perfect Buoyancy

This program teaches you the skills and concepts required to improve your diving position, increase your buoyancy control, and minimize your breathing gas consumption rate.
$295.00 incl GST
$199.00 incl GST

Specialty - Photo and Video Course

This programs teaches the skills and concepts required to successfully capture amazing underwater photos and videos.
$395.00 incl GST
$350.00 incl GST

Specialty - Waves Tides and Currents Program

This program gives you the skills and knowledge required to conduct dives from shore, in currents, and in different types of waves.
$225.00 incl GST
$199.00 incl GST

Specialty - Advanced Adventurer Program

Unsure of your next step, this is the perfect way to advance your dive skills and experience and, to identify which Specialty programs interest you.
$495.00 incl GST
$345.00 incl GST