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SSI Open Water Scuba Diver

$499.00 incl GST
$295.00 incl GST
Learning to scuba dive is a wonderful experience and we can teach you and your friends to become scuba divers today. SSI is the worlds leading agency for training safe and competent divers. The SSI Open Water Diver course is the very basic of Scuba Diving. At Pro Dive Central Coast, we believe that dive training needs to be fun, while obtaining high level skill set at the same time.

Imagine you and your new scuba friends kneeling down on the sand feeding hundreds of small fish with crumbs of bread from your hands. 

Have a look around at the small stingrays swimming by and the tiny fish with whiskers fanning through the sand looking for worms whilst the Blue Gropers tempt you with their eyes to feed them.

Discover a new world!

  • Enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue! 
  • Experience new adventures and explore undiscovered worlds. 
  • Make new friends! 
  • Scuba Diving is much easier than you might think! 
  • Be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive into a new world! 
  • Scuba diving is a wonderful sport that offers everything from heart-pumping action to quiet relaxation.


You will enjoy learning to scuba dive with ProDive

We include more "in water" pool time with our students than all other training groups. 
Our aim is to make you more comfortable in the water, not just underwater.
Should we need to spend more time in the pool to hone your scuba skills, that is not a problem. We own the pool!

ProDive has a goal in mind and takes pride to educate people to scuba dive, not process people through a scuba diving system. 

Our experienced dive instructors ensure, you will exceed minimum standards and at the end of the day, you will become a more confident and relaxed diver.



Your Pro-Dive Central Coast Open Water Diver Course consists of:

  • Online study guides and quizzes
  • Confined water training dives in our exclusive, indoor heated, 3 metre deep swimming pool where you learn the necessary skills to dive safely
  • Four open water shore dives in the ocean, where you will put your new-found scuba skills into practice
  • Your own personal online log book to record your underwater diving adventures
  • Online SSI international certification e-card
  • Tea and coffee
  • First year of our exclusive "Explorer Club" membership 
  • Plus a lifetime of fond memories and scuba adventures.

So start learning to scuba dive today! 



  • Complete your online registration process
  • Finalise the Open Water academics section, quick quizzes and exam before in water training commences
  • Swim a minimum of 200 metres unassisted
  • Drown proof float for ten minutes
  • Be a minimum of 15 years old
  • 12 years with an adult diver supervision

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You will need to provide:

  • Your own transport
  • Food and drinks
  • Mask, snorkel, open heel fins and boots
  • Don't forget your swimming gear, towels, etc


Being underwater on the first day of your dive course, will show you all the wonders of our playground. 


We hope you enjoy your SSI "Open Water Diver" course with us.

We do suggest you purchase your own personal equipment such as mask, snorkel, boots and fins for your pool and ocean dives. 

This is easy, using our exclusive SCUBANOW, with interest free payment options for your purchases. (conditions apply).


Pro Dive Central Coast is able to issue:

Statements of Attainment for the following, nationally recognised Training Units of Competency, under the Outdoor Recreation Industry Recreation Training Package (SR003) on all our Open water courses by completing these additional requirements:

  • SROODR002A Plan outdoor recreation activities
  • SROODR002B Plan for minimal environmental impact.
  • A small additional fee applies.

For further details ask your instructor about our 'Upgrade Course Packages' and 'Career Packages', which will enhance your skills and experience.


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