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Waterproof are a company that manufactures quality Drysuits, Wetsuits and accessories based in Sweden.

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Drysuit- D1 Hybrid ISS

The “Perfect Drysuit” does it exist!  It took Waterproof three years of problem analysis, material sourcing and intense testing to find the answer to the perfect drysuit, the patented D1 Hybrid.
$4,095.00 incl GST
$3,498.95 incl GST

Drysuit- D6 Lite

Waterproof presents a new lighter version of the D7 PRO ISS FrontZip to cater to those divers who want a lighter suit for travelling or for more leisurely diving tasks.
$2,645.00 incl GST
$2,249.00 incl GST

Drysuit- D7 Pro ISS

D7 PRO ISS, a High-End reinforced Trilaminate Suit, is the preferred choice for divers with Technical and Advanced Diving as preference.
$4,095.00 incl GST
$3,498.95 incl GST